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    Public Works  |  Trash & Recycling

    To find out how to recycle a specific item, check out the Recycle CT website.
    See where your recyclables go after your blue cart is emptied. Watch the video here!

    Residential Guide to Curbside Waste Disposal

    Questions? Contact USA Hauling at 1-800-998-2984

    • Trash Service is included as part of your taxes. There is no additional fee for Curbside Pickup.
    • Trash pickup is every week. Recycle pickup is every other week. See the Trash Schedule Calendar for dates.
    • Black cart is for regular household trash. Use of plastic bags inside trash cart is recommended.
    • Blue cart is for loose item, Single Stream Recycling. Do not use plastic bags in the blue cart.
    • Place carts within two (2) feet of the road and three (3) feet from other carts or obstructions.
    • Place carts curbside the night before your collection day, or BEFORE 6 AM on Your Collection Day.
    • Extra trash left on the ground outside of carts will not be picked up.

     What do I do if my trash or recycle bin is damaged? (Broken lid, wheel, etc.)

    Contact USA Hauling to schedule a free replacement.

    What do I do if my bin isn't large enough to hold all my trash every week?

    The current town hauling contract only allows for one trash bin per household. Landfill add on stickers are available yearly for $20 for additional household waste disposal beyond the one barrel curbside. Additional blue recycling bins are permitted, call USA Hauling to make a request. Extra recycling items can also be brought to the Landfill for free.

    What happens if I had my trash or recycling out on time but it wasn't picked up?

    If trash or recycling does not get picked up as scheduled, call USA Hauling immediately to have the trash hauler come back the next day.

    Where do I put my bins?

    Place recycling and trash bins at least three feet apart so the trucks mechanical arm can operate properly.

    I had a bin full of yard waste (rocks, dirt, etc.) and they didn't take it. Why?

    Do not put heavy yard waste like dirt or rocks into either barrel. The truck's mechanical arm is not designed to lift such heavy loads.

    I'm moving soon, do I bring the bins with me when I go?

    When a resident moves, the trash and recycle barrels stay with the house. They are the property of the trash hauler and are not to be removed from the residence.

    I'm building a new house, how do I get trash and recycling bins?

    Contact USA Hauling to have a trash and recycle cart delivered.

    I have some large items that will not fit into my trash barrel. How can I dispose of them?

    If items cannot be cut up or broken apart to fit into the trash barrel, there are two options:  bring item to Landfill between 8 AM and 4 PM on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday; or schedule a bulk pickup with the Department of Public Works. The $40 pickup fee plus any additional item charges must be prepaid before the date is scheduled. Checks can be mailed or delivered to the DPW office at 230C Mountain Road.  There is a 5 item limit on all pickups.

    What do I do with my hazardous waste?

    Regional Household Hazardous Waste Day
    Or, call New England Disposal Technology at 866-769-1621 for fee based disposal options.

    How do I dispose of my Christmas Tree?

    Christmas Trees will be picked up curbside during the second week of January. Check website announcements for actual dates.

    What do I do with used motor oil?

    Place used motor oil in an unbreakable, screw top container next to recycling cart. Label the container as motor oil. USA Hauling will pick up a maximum of 1 gallon of oil every other week on recycling schedule.

    Advanced Auto Parts and AutoZone stores in Enfield and Windsor Locks also will collect used motor oil. Call to verify amounts accepted at each store.

    USA Hauling will not pick up any other chemical waste product. Things like antifreeze, kerosene and gasoline must be saved and disposed of at the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day.

    What do I do with old paint?

    Connecticut Participates in the PaintCare recycle program which allows residents to drop off sealed, labeled paint products to the Sherwin Williams Store in Enfield and the True Value Hardware Store in Granby, CT.

    Completely hardened paint in cans should be thrown away in the curbside trash cart. Please click here to see which paint products are accepted at PaintCare collection sites.


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