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    Cable Advisory Council

    The Cable Advisory Council is a legally created entity of the State of Connecticut. The Cable Advisory Council charge is to carry forth the work set in CT law as an extension of the PURA; to be an active partner supporting the designated Community Access Provider programming and operations; and be the Advisory agent for Community Interests in communications with the Cox about policies, products, and services.

    This mission summary is drawn directly from the body of CT law, enforced by the Executive Branch of CT State government through the Department of Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) and its regulations. The Cable Advisory Council Mission and authority details are specifically the following:

    • To promote and protect a secure future for meaningful Community Access television programming created by Community based groups of Producers. 16-331a (b)
    • To advise PURA on the qualifications of a third party non-profit organizations which may petition to become a Designated Community Access Provider (CAP). 16-331a (c.1)
    • To petition for an official hearing to review the Programming and Operations of the existing Designated Community Access Provider (CAP). 16-331a (c.8)
    • To advise the Designated Community Access Provider (CAP) on the suitability of adult programming. 16-331a(g).
    • To request an independent audit of the Designated Community Access provider operations, programming, and technical standards. 16-331a (h).
    • To meet with official representatives of Cox Communications – the CCFA license holder at least twice per year. 16-333t (a).
    • To offer advisory opinion and/or request advice on any issues involving Cox Communications products and services. 16-331
    • To serve in any contested case involving Cox – the CCFA license holder, and the PURA with intervener status. 16-331t (d).
    • To appoint one representative to serve on the State-Wide Video Advisory Council 16-331i.

    Cox Communications is the “Cable Company” and designated Community Access Provider in our region. Over the years, the CAC has been instrumental in shaping franchise renewal agreements keeping the best interests of subscribers and community access producers in mind.

    The CAC is made up of members from your community who serve a two (2) year term. Under Connecticut statutes, the members of the CAC are appointed as follows:

    1. The chief elected official of each town in the franchise area shall appoint one or more members who are residents of said town in accordance with the population of the said town as determined by the most recent United States census in the following manner:
      1. In towns having a population of at least 5,000 but less than 20,000 - two members.
      2. Insofar as is possible said appointments should reflect and be representative of the cultural, educational, ethnic, and economic makeup of the population inhabiting said towns.
    2. The Board of Education in each town franchise area shall appoint one member of the advisory council. Such member shall reside in said town or be a member of said Board of Education, or be employed by said Board of Education.
    3. One member shall be appointed to the advisory council in each franchise area to represent all of the libraries of general public use located in the towns within the franchise. In the town in the franchise area having the largest population therein, as determined by the most recent United States census, the public library board charged with the oversight and management of the town's public library as defined by Section 11-24a(b) of the General Statutes shall appoint the advisory council member. Enfield’s library manager is a current member of the CAC.
    4. The franchisee shall appoint one member, who shall possess some expertise in the field of cable television and who shall serve without vote on the advisory council.


    Alex Fraser
    Board of Selectmen Appointment
    July 2011 - June 2021

    Debra Dudack
    Board of Education Appointment
    June 2016 - June 2020

    Carl Casinghino
    Board of Selectmen Appointment
    Feb 2018 - Feb 2020