Mel Chafetz


Elizabeth Sagan



Meetings shall be held as often as necessary to consider cases or administrative matters.

Boards & Commissions

    Juvenile Review Board

    The Suffield Juvenile Review Board (SJRB) is an authorized program within the Suffield Police Department to provide an alternative and early means of identifying and assisting children and families of children who have committed minor delinquent acts or children and youth who are displaying at risk behaviors at home or at school which could result in a referral to the juvenile court. The SJRB will accomplish its purpose through considering juvenile cases referred to it and offering recommendations regarding the best method of dealing with the youth’s particular needs. The SJRB will attempt to construct non-judicial recommendations including, but not limited to, individual or family counseling, psychiatric evaluation, work or monetary restitution, community service, or participation in group or other activities. The SJRB is established pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes Section 10-19m.


    Except as otherwise authorized or waived, all members are required to maintain the confidentiality of the identity of the children, youth and families who appear before the Juvenile Review Board as well as all information, records and dispositions of the cases heard by the Juvenile Review Board.

    Board Composition

    The Suffield Juvenile Review Board consists of carefully selected professionals, including police, attorneys, social workers, school administrators, counselors, and community members, who share a common interest of helping young people and their families, are familiar with the general behavior patterns of children and youth and have frequent contact and good communications skills with them.

    The size of the SJRB shall not exceed 12 persons. Membership on the SJRB shall be accorded to representatives of agencies or organizations which have direct responsibility, contact of concern with youth and their families.


    Membership of the SJRB will be as follows:

    1. Attorney
    2. School Department – Elementary
    3. School Department – Middle
    4. School Department – High School
    5. Human Service Professional (Psychological)
    6. Human Service Professional (Social)
    7. Town Recreation Department
    8. Town Social Worker
    9. Suffield Clergy (2)
    10. Citizens (2) concerned with the welfare of youth


    Mel Chafetz

    Gregory Halzack
    Vice Chairman

    Brian Casinghino
    Juvenile Prosecutor

    Jack Ferraro
    Assistant Principal
    McAlister Elementary School

    Gina Olearczyk
    Assistant Principal
    Suffield Middle School

    Brendan Canny
    Assistant Principal
    Suffield High School

    Ashley Eichorn
    Assiatant Principal
    Suffield High School

    Janet Frechette
    Suffield Community Aid Director

    Patrick Brintle
    Coordinator of School Counseling
    Suffield Public Schools

    Rob St. Amand
    Guidance Counselor
    Suffield High School

    Peter Leclerc
    Parks & Recreation Director

    Nikki Lengyel, MSW, LMSW
    Youth Services Manager

    Rev Diann Bailey
    Pastor First Church

    Keely Lee
    Department of Children and Families