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7:00 PM
Second Tuesday of the Month


Kent Memorial Library
50 North Main Street
Suffield, CT 06078

Boards & Commissions

Boards & Commissions

    Kent Memorial Library Commission

    The library commission shall have the following powers and duties:

    1. To establish policies for the operation and use of the library.
    2. To employ a chief librarian who shall act as advisor to the library commission on policies and shall serve as its chief executive in the administration of such policies, in employment and supervision of staff, and in the provision of library service to the public;
    3. To review, revise, approve or adopt a budget as submitted by the chief librarian;
    4. To present such budget with appropriate statements and presentation of need to the board of finance.
    5. To expend for library purposes monies appropriated, and generally to do all things it deems necessary for the establishment, maintenance and improvement of the library under its jurisdiction;
    6. To establish and maintain a main library, branches, library stations, and traveling library service as needed within the town;
    7. To authorize the appointment and compensation of all employees of the library and approve job descriptions and recommend pay classifications of library employees;
    8. To accept any bequest, gift, or endowment;
    9. To report annually in writing to the board of selectmen, which report shall be published in the annual report of the town (Suff.Code, Art IIĀ§10-21).

    The Library Commission, consisting of twelve (12) members for a term of four (4) years (Town Charter).


    2019 Meeting Schedule

    • January 8
    • February 12 (Canceled)
    • March 12
    • April 9
    • May 14
    • June 11
    • July 9
    • August 13
    • September 10
    • October 8
    • November 12
    • December 10

    Agendas & Minutes

    Listing files in 'Library Commission'

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    Open Position

     through Nov 2021

    Claire Kawalec
    Feb 2009 - Nov 2021

    Chris Rago
    Feb 2009 - Nov 2021

    Joe Grimard
    Apr 2010 - Nov 2021

    Robert White
    Nov 2011 - Nov 2019

    Muriel Coatti
    Dec 2011 - Nov 2019

    Michael Alexopoulos
    Dec 2011 - Nov 2019

    Rebecca Fuller
    Jan 2014 - Nov 2019

    Kathleen Harrington
    Aug 2014 - Nov 2021

    Ann Ho
    Nov 2016 - Nov 2021

    Catherine Morrow
    May 2017 - Nov 2019

    Eliza Childs
    Jun 2018 - Nov 2019