Donna Murphy

Assessor (part-time)

Lisa Trase

Deputy Assessor

Raven Reid

Assistant to Assessor


83 Mountain Rd.
Suffield, CT 06078


(860) 668 3866


(860) 668 3315

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    The powers and duties of the assessor shall be those set forth by any and all general statutes concerning the assessment of real and personal property particularly Title 12, and Title 9 of the general statutes (Suff. Code §16-23).

    Assessment Information

    October 1, 2018 Mill Rate: 28.72 ($28.72/ $1,000 of net assessed value) for July 2019, Jan 2020 tax bills
    Population Estimate 2010: 14,387
    Area: 43.1 square miles
    Assessment Ratio: 70%
    Assessment Date: October 1st for the following fiscal year
    Filing Deadline for Personal Property: November 1st
    Completion of Grand List: January 31st


    Date of last revaluation: October 1,2018
    Next scheduled revaluation: October 1, 2023

    The equalization of property values by estimating the current market value of all property in Town

    Vision Appraisal Technology Website:

    • Review new assessment data with inquiry access to the Assessor's database
    • Includes value summary, building data, photo, and general revaluation information
    • Information regarding revaluation process and answers to frequently asked questions
    • Submit general questions and receive feedback

    Motor Vehicle Adjustments:

    • Bring proof to the Assessor's Office
    • Acceptable types of proof include plate receipt with affidavit, bill of sale, letter from insurance company showing date and reason for change, out-of-state registration
    • Use Suffield 139 for town tax code on registration to prevent being taxed by wrong town

    Personal Property Declarations

    All owners of taxable business personal property are required to file declarations of such property with the Assessor of the Town where the property is located on the October 1, 2019 assessment date. This declaration is due to the Assessor’s Office by November 1, 2019. Failure to declare will result in a 25% penalty.

    New for 2019**

    We are now accepting online filing of Personal Property Declarations!! Instructions for online filing can be found by clicking here.

    Please use the link below to access the online filing page. This link will be available from September 30th - December 15th. You must register for an account with the access code provided in the Personal Property Declaration that was mailed to you. If you do not have your form and need a code, please contact the Assessor's Office.
    Online Filing Personal Property

    Items to be declared include: non-registered motor vehicles, snowmobiles, and trailers; horses and ponies not used in farming; business furniture and fixtures; farming machinery and tools; mechanics tools; electronic data processing equipment; and leased equipment and machinery. All in-home businesses must declare personal property. Real estate and registered motor vehicles are not included in these declarations.

    If you need personal property forms and do not wish to file online, documents can be downloaded below.


    Key Links


    Due to the number and complexity of exemptions, the following is intended only to provide a general idea of what is available. Please call the Assessor's office to discuss eligibility, details, and to submit an application.

    Elderly Homeowners Program

    Income regulated credit program available thru the State by application between February 1st and May 15th each year for residents over the age of 65, or totally disabled. The Town program allows a credit equal to the State benefit for anyone who qualifies for the State program. 

    Veterans Exemptions

    Available to veterans and active duty military, an exemption of at least $3000 and an income-regulated Additional State exemption that is available by application by October 1. Residents of another State who are in Connecticut due to military orders do not pay motor vehicle taxes, but must make annual application to be exempt by October 1.

    Active Duty Motor Vehicle Exemption

    For military personnel, including National Guard members, one vehicle exempted by application.

    Specially Equipped Vehicle Exemption

    Equal to the total value of a vehicle adapted for transport of or operation by a disabled person, by application.

    Totally Disabled Exemption

    $1000 exemption for a totally disabled person by application by January 31

    Blind Exemption

    $3000 exemption for a legally blind person. An additional $2000 exemption is available under an income-related program.