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    Information Technology

    The Information Technology department ensures the uninterrupted operation of network infrastructure and general function of workstations within the Town. During our mission, we defend the network from malicious intent, viruses, malware, misclicks, and productivity killers. We ensure the hardware and software implemented is the right fit for its intended purpose and strive to eradicate outdated equipment in this constantly upgraded world.

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    Technology Committee

    The Technology Committee of the Town of Suffield, Connecticut is an advisory committee to the Selectman's Office. Its mission is to research current and evolving technology, inform and advise Suffield's elected and appointed officials on technology issues affecting the residents, business, and local government, and to foster communication between the town and its residents regarding such issues. The goal is to provide the Town with a technology infrastructure that incorporates industry standards to provide ease of training and maintenance, increasing the long-term return of investment of the technology infrastructure, while meeting the business objective of the town.

    More information specific to the Technology Committee can be found here.

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